why optivance

Our motivation is love.

Our passion is nutrition

Our inspiration is you, Mum.

A mother's desire to nurture and nourish her loved ones is deeply intertwined with a Mother's love for her family. This love is central to our DNA and it influences how and why we develop our products.

The same love is poured into the development of all our products.

While our Nutritionists are first and foremost mums, they are also experienced health practitioners who are passionate about developing products that will nourish both you and your babies.

That's why we say each and every product is formulated with love for a bright future.

toddler milk backed by nutritional science

Backed by

Every ingredient plays a vital role.

What goes into our products is incredibly important to us.

Our drive to nourish means all ingredients and their quantities are rigorously researched and shown by leading nutritional science to provide clear benefits to your health and wellbeing, not just now, but also into the future.

We're Aussie through and through.

We are proudly Australian owned and have a heart to share Australian goodness with the rest of the world.

Our products are made in Australia and wherever possible we use Australian grown/produced ingredients such as our probiotics which are manufactured in Australia’s only TGA approved and purpose-built facility. We never compromise on quality and the result is premium products you can trust.

So, when you make a decision to nourish your own family with an Optivance product, you'll also brighten the future for Australian wonderful growers and makes a difference to farming families who are amongst the most resilient and resourceful you'll ever find.

Kristy Nutritionist, Optivance Nutrition

Meet Kristy

Nutritionist & Lead developer

As a mother of two, our Nutritionist, Kristy, knows only too well what pregnancy and breastfeeding can take out of you.

Kristy has led the development of an innovative smoothie, formulated specifically for breastfeeding mums. As a Mother of two, Kristy knows what the demands of breastfeeding can feel like and how easy it can be to overlook your own nutritional needs.

"It's exciting to know, the Mummy Smoothie is available to help Mums through a time that can be incredibly demanding. I know how wonderful it is when a friend calls over to lend a hand, and now the Mummy Smoothie is here to help mums get their mojo back".