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Toddler Smoothie (12-36 mths)

"Wish I'd tried these sooner"

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Wish I’d tried these sooner for my almost 2 year old. I was a bit apprehensive to try since I’m on maternity leave so the added expense of buying these regularly wasn’t appealing especially since lately he’s been having one sip then wasting his smoothies, but he absolutely loved this and drank every last drop, so if that continues it’ll be well worth every cent. We now love all the Optivance smoothie products in this household and am glad I stumbled across these at the PBC expo years ago 🙏 - Emily P

"Such a great way to keep our children healthy"

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l used Optivance Mummy Smoothies throughout my breastfeeding journey so when I saw they brought out a toddler range I just knew we had to get some for our 12 month old son. He absolutely loves this mixed in with strawberries, bananas and coconut milk. Even tried some myself and it's super delicious and such a great way to keep our children healthy. Awesome work Optivance. - Felicity

"The Toddler Smoothie is fantastic"

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The Toddler Smoothie is fantastic. I mix it with water/oat milk, blueberries and banana and some nut butter. I got it for my 17 month old but all my kids have ended up loving it. Its works great for a quick breakfast for them. Will definitely need to get some more. Thank you so much. - Elizabeth F.

"Wish I'd tried these sooner"

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Literally raced in the door and made my pops one! She has been off her food and fighting me not to have it and she had one sip of the smoothie out of protest, snatched it out of my hands and gone snuggled down on the sofa with it. So it's a winner!

- Sammy S.


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My toddler and I have been loving our smoothies. Our fav so far is banana, peanut butter and honey. Yummy!

Thanks for creating something safe and healthy for my son but also my growing baby inside me too.

- Chantelle

"It's been a hit!!"

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Since Zander became such a Fussy Eater we decided to try the Toddler Smoothie and its been a hit!!. So grateful we don't have to stress as much about him getting the vitamins and minerals he needs. 😘❤️

"My daughter LOVES it!!!!"

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My daughter LOVES it!!!! She’s been so fussy lately so this is great! Thank you 🙏🏻

- Claire G.

"A Lifesaver!"

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This Toddler Smoothies is a lifesaver! As a mum, I love that these smoothies provide everything my very picky toddler needs - in disguise as a treat. How wonderful is that!

- Sara S.

"I love that we can mix up the flavours"

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I have been trying to find a supplement that can boost my son's immune system, as he is in daycare and gets sick fairly often. I love the Mummy Smoothies and was so excited to try the Toddler Smoothie as it has so many great ingredients in it. My son absolutely loves it! I love that we can mix up the flavours with different ingredients. It feels good knowing he is getting a boost to his health every day.

- Tamar