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Mummy Smoothie for Pre-conception & Pregnancy

"They're a godsend!"


When I started taking these smoothies, I took them for the prebiotics and daily vitamins and minerals I would need throughout my pregnancy. Once I got to week 30 of pregnancy, I began having problems with indigestion and am now only having 5 small meals a day. I am so grateful I have these smoothies. They’re a godsend! 

I have been able to continue taking them and had no issues with indigestion with my morning smoothie. I find these smoothies such an important MUST HAVE meal of my day now.”  – Taiha

"Loved the taste"


"Loved the taste.Love that it’s convenient and I can take it anywhere knowing thatI am supporting my pregnancy and growing baby without having to take bulky tablets.   I would absolutely recommend to pregnancy mums. I will be continuing to use the Optivance Mummy Smoothie throughout my pregnancy.”– Helen

"A great alternative"


I loved it.I was taking pure natural vitamins and it was making me really nauseous. So this was a great alternative and actually tasted so good at the same time!”– Alexandra

Very Satisfying!


I really looked forward to my delicious smoothie daily. It doesn’t have a strong flavour, so I created my own unique taste each day with different fruits and nut butter. It’s a very satisfying smoothie and has helped me feel more energetic!”

– Jessie

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"Absolutely delicious!"


It was absolutely delicious! I mixed it with some frozen berries, honey and chia seeds and wow, so tasty, Knowing it also has everything needed to support a pregnant women is an added bonus.
Pregnancy vitamins have always made me feel so sick so finding this smoothie was amazing.

-Sarah F.

"This is so much more enjoyable"


"Absolutely love the Mummy Smoothie! Such a convenient & delicious way to get my daily pregnancy supplement, this is my 5th pregnancy, I always hated taking big tablets daily, this is so much more enjoyable, I look forward to it! Delicious & mild taste and not gritty at all. Love it!"

- Mel S

"The perfect solution"


Optivance Mummy Smoothie is the perfect solution for mums looking to get their vitamin and mineral intake in a convenient and tasty drink rather than by taking supplements.”

– Juliet

"Bub is getting everything to grow perfectly"


23 weeks pregnant
Loving the mummy smoothie 
I struggle taking tablets so knowing bub is getting everything to grow perfectly all in this delish smoothie is amazing! 
I add fruit and oats every morning and that’s my breakfast done 💙

- Erin S.

"Saved me from taking a large tablet"


My vitamins and iron always seem to drop being pregnant, so I wanted to make sure that my body and baby got what it needed throughout this pregnancy. Having the smoothie worked out so well,I incorporated it into my morning routine and it saved me from taking a tablet so large in size.


"Super easy to make"


I love that each serving was individually packaged which saves a lot of time having to measure out the required amount. It had a delicious vanilla flavour and was super easy to make with a little water and fruit of my choice (banana all the way!) Easy to consume as well. I just poured it from the blender into a cup with some ice.”


"Highly recommend!"


Just started using Mummy Smoothie and love the convenience of getting my pregnancy vitamins and minerals in one easy and tasty smoothie. I usually mix it with some frozen berries which makes for a yummy ice cold treat. Highly recommend!

-Carly D.

"Gentle on the stomach"


Tried these as samples from the PBC expo and love how versatile and how gentle on the stomach they are. I’ve had bad morning sickness with this pregnancy but work 12-14 hour shifts as a Paramedic so knew I needed to have something healthy to sustain myself and my growing baby. Being able to drink this with some fruit and water in the morning makes me feel so relieved to have some goodness in me and also not feel like vomiting straight after! You can change the flavour and consistency to suit however you’re feeling. I wish I’d bought a few boxes while they were discounted at the expo!!

-Emily P.

"I have more energy"


Thank you Optivance!
As a first time expectant mother, I struggle badly with keeping up with taking multivitamin tablets/capsules as I always get many unpleasant, fishy burps after taking them.
After switching to Optivance, everything became super easy! It tastes pleasant so I can just quickly mix it up with water and I feel like I have more energy. Even people around me have noticed my energy level change.
Fully recommend!

-Jenny S.

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