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General Questions

Our smoothies have a very slight vanilla taste. Great to have by itself or versatile enough to blend with ingredients that you enjoy, such as banana, mango, blueberries, milk, yoghurt. Having these enjoyable options can make a huge difference for fussy toddlers or mums with nausea.

For all of our smoothie products, we recommend taking only one sachet per person per day.

Our smoothies can be mixed with a range of options such as water, milk, almond milk, oat milk or coconut milk. Try some of these options and use which is most enjoyable.

Our Mummy Smoothies and Toddler Smoothie contain dairy.

All of our smoothies are gluten free.

Yes, our smoothies are nutritional supplements and are safe to consume even if you are not pregnant or breastfeeding. Indeed, we have many customers who enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits of our smoothies and continue to use them well after they have had children.

In this situation, we would recommend taking the Pre-Conception and Pregnancy smoothie. It contains 15.1g of Protein, Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA), Probiotics, Collagen and 20 Vitamins and Minerals, including 100% of your daily RDI of Iodine, Vitamin C, B vitamins (including Folate) and 200% RDI of Vitamin D. These are all important ingredients for your health and wellbeing

Our Mummy Smoothies are designed to nutritionally support pregnant and breastfeeding women. They can confidently be used instead of the otherpre andpostnatal supplement brands. If you are unsure, please show our smoothies to your health professional for their advice.

We understand you may not want to invest in purchasing a whole box of smoothies. We do offer the option for you to purchase samples to try. Please visit the Shop on our website to order samples.

Delivery times depend on your address. We fulfill orders from Brisbane. Most orders to capital cities on the Eastern seaboard take between 2-7 days, but for some regional areas and Western Australia, deliverymaytake a few more days.For our overseas customers, orders may take roughly 7 to 21 days depending on your location. Check your tracking number as it will provide you with regular updates.

Our products are Made in Australia. We use as many Australian sourcedingredients aspossible and our products contain between 72% and 83% Australian ingredients.

Pre-Conception & Pregnancy

The Optivance Mummy Smoothie for Pre-Conception and Pregnancy is an alternative to prenatal supplement tablets. You take either your prenatal tablet or our Mummy Smoothie each day, but not both.

This is because the Optivance Mummy Smoothie for Pre-Conception and Pregnancy includes 100% of a pregnant woman’s Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI) of important Vitamins and Minerals, such as B group vitamins (including Folate), Iodine and Vitamin C and 200% RDI of Vitamin D.

In addition, the smoothie also contains 15.1g of Protein, Fibre, Omega 3 Fatty Acids (DHA), Collagen and Probiotics.

The Optivance Mummy Smoothie for Pre-Conception and Pregnancy is a prenatal supplement designed to nutritionally support a pregnant woman and her developing baby.

The Optivance Mummy Smoothie for Pre-conception and Pregnancy can be an excellent part of a Gestational Diabetes meal plan providing essential nutrition and less than 1 carbohydrate exchange per serve (i.e. one sachet).

One carbohydrate exchange is approximately 15g of carbohydrate and our Mummy Smoothie sachet contains only 12.8g of carbohydrate; of which 11.7g is lactose (the ‘sugar’ of natural milk). There is no added sugar in any Optivance product.

The Mummy Smoothie for Pre-Conception and Pregnancy can be taken throughout your pregnancy. It has ingredients that support you and your developing baby through each trimester of your pregnancy

The Optivance Mummy Smoothie for Pre-Conception and Pregnancy contains Calcium L-Methylfolate which is the activated bio-available form of folate. This compares with many other prenatal supplements that contain synthetic folic acid which has to be broken down to a bio-available form with the help of the enzyme produced from MTHFR gene instructions.

There are certain things you can do to increase your chances of falling pregnant, such as maintaining a healthy weight, eating a balanced diet, exercise and not smoking or drinking alcohol, and we certainly recommend you seek medical advice. The Mummy Smoothie for Pre-Conception and Pregnancy has been developed to support women looking to conceive and it contains key ingredients that she should be taking should she fall pregnant.

As soon as you start trying to have a baby, it is advised to start taking a prenatal supplement. Often you will not know you are pregnant until you are several weeks or months into your pregnancy, and if you have been taking supplements your growing baby will already be getting the important ingredients they need for their growth and development.

A significant percentage of women dislike taking prenatal tablets. They feel guilty if they don’t take the tablet and force themselves to swallow it and often times unsuccessfully. The Mummy Smoothie is a much nicer alternative that is easier to swallow and more enjoyable. It can be blended with your favourite ingredients, such as milk, yoghurt, or fruits and can be consumed slowly (sipped) if you are feeling morning sick and nauseous.


We recommend you do not use the Mummy Smoothie for Breastfeeding while pregnant. It contains fenugreek which should not be consumed whilst pregnant in amounts greater than those found in food.

If you are breastfeeding and fall pregnant, we recommend you switch to using the Mummy Smoothie for Pregnancy.

Ideally, once you give birth you should switch from the Pregnancy to Breastfeeding Mummy Smoothie. This is because the formulations are different, and theBreastfeedingSmoothie has been specifically designed to support a woman through her entire breastfeeding journey.

Useful tip: Don’t forget to pack a few Breastfeeding Smoothie sachets in with your hospital bag.

Breastfeeding is nutritionally depleting for a woman. Add lack of sleep on top of extra work looking after baby and it is no wonder women feel tired and exhausted. The Mummy Smoothie for Breastfeeding has been designed to replenish and rejuvenate. It contains Protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, Carbohydrates and B group vitamins to support you and your growing baby through your breastfeeding journey.

Toddler Smoothie

Yes, it is perfectly fine to mix the Toddler Smoothie with milk instead of water, particularly if your toddler finds it more enjoyable. Try also blending it with their favourite fruits for added nutrition and enjoyment.

When your child turns 4 or older, the Toddler Smoothie is perfectly safe for them to keep using because it is designed to be supplemental to their daily nutritional intake.

In an ideal world, if your young child is eating a balanced diet according to the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating then they do not need any supplementary foods.

However, owing to our busy time-poor lives and if your child is a fussy eater, then your child may not get adequate nutrition for their normal growth and development. In such instances, you may wish to give them a supplementary food, such as the Optivance Toddler Smoothie.

We have a number of NDIS clients. Please contact and provide client name, contact details, NDIS number and number of products you wish to order. We will then send you an invoice. You can either send this invoice to your NDIS provider for payment, or pay yourself and claim thereimbursement fromNDIS. Once we receive the funds we will post the order to your address.