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"Constantly high milk supply"


Less sugar and junk food cravings, more stable blood sugar. Better mood. Constantly high milk supply. My postpartum hair loss had been so so bad. I’m sure my hair started looking healthier and thicker pretty soon after starting the smoothies!! 

The best bit is knowing that I’m consuming something every morning which is designed exactly for where my body is at right now. Thank you Optivance!! I recommend this to all new mamas!” 

- Carlie

"A great way to start the day"


As a working, breastfeeding mum, the Mummy Smoothie is a great way to start the day! I read through the ingredients before using and was very impressed with the number of beneficial nutrients specifically for women in this stage of life

– Rachel

"The perfect solution"


Optivance Mummy Smoothie is the perfect solution for mums looking to get their vitamin and mineral intake in a convenient and tasty drink rather than by taking supplements.” 

- Juliet

"Helped me feel more energetic!"


I really looked forward to my delicious smoothie daily. It doesn’t have a strong flavour, so I created my own unique taste each day with different fruits and nut butter. It’s a very satisfying smoothie and has helped me feel more energetic!” 

– Jessie

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"A quick pick me up"


As a busy mum of 4 (one newborn that thinks night time is party time) I have loved the Mummy Smoothie! I throw a sachet into the baby bag for a quick pick me up when on the run.” 

– Amy

"Provides the essential nutrients my body needs"


My diet has been horrendous since giving birth to my daughter - I didn’t expect preparing nutritious meals with a demanding newborn would be so challenging! That’s why I’m very thankful for the Mummy Smoothie, because it provides the essential nutrients my body needs while breastfeeding. Even with only only handful free, I can easily prepare myself a shake or smoothie that tastes great every time!

- Lacey B.



I’m breastfeeding my third baby and I’m so glad I found this Mummy Smoothy. Not only does it taste great, it’s great for my baby. I have one every day and purchase two boxes at a time and the delivery is so quick. Absolutely love it!!! Highly recommended

- Rianna

"Amazing mummy smoothies"


"My girl refused the formula and I want to keep breast feeding her. I heard my friend recommended this product then tried. I can feel the different after 1 week, Also the smoothies taste so good, convenience and give busy mummy the nutrition."

- Mei

"Perfect to refuel your body!"


While your breastfeeding it’s so easy to forget what you need to refuel yourself, this is the perfect way to do that! Perfect in smoothies! I recommend having it with lots of fruit in your smoothie

- Monica

"You've created a great product"


Being a mum and always on the run these smoothies are great to quickly prepare and take while running out the door. They keep me full and satisfied until my next meals as I generally drink them in the morning 👍. I think you've created a great product, its so simple to chuck in a blender with water and fruit.

- Keirra M.

"The best supplement for mums"


"The Mummy Smoothie has been the most nutritious addition to my daily routine. Being a new mum, I was never aware of the importance nutrition played in my breastfeeding and postpartum journey. Since taking the smoothie daily I’ve seen a considerable improvement in my energy levels and milk supply. I love how easily it blends in with my favourite smoothie recipes and the peace of mind knowing I’m getting the nutrition I need to stay healthy for me and my baby."

- Tamara E.

"Amazing for milk supply and convenience"


"I’m absolutely in love with this product. The taste is delicious - in a smoothie, oats or just as a shake and I’ve really noticed a huge difference in my milk supply. I used it at the start of my breastfeeding journey & then I missed it for a few weeks and noticed a huge difference when I started again (with let down etc). The convenience aspect is also a selling point for me - it’s the easiest thing to get in you quick when dealing with a new baby! Thanks so much guys x"
- Nicky C.

"Boosted supply after the stress of Hospital"


"I’m loving the new mummy smoothies and as a busy mother of three they make life so much easier when trying to get out the door on time for the school run.

It’s reassuring to know I’m getting the right nutrition with the mummy smoothies to support breastfeeding especially as we were admitted to hospital for Meningitis from Group B Strep. The stress of this has greatly affected my supply so the fenugreek and fennel seeds are essential ingredients that allow me to continue my breastfeeding journey.

The natural flavour is great for mixing in different flavour combinations, my favourite combination is banana, strawberries, yogurt oats and almond milk."

- Elisha

"My energy levels and mood are better"


"I love everything about this product.

I love how it’s unflavoured so I’m not stuck having the same flavour smoothie every day. The texture is perfect, so smooth.

My energy levels and mood are better since I started having these smoothies and I have great milk supply.

The customer service is also incredible!
Definitely recommend for any mum!"

- Melissa J

"Perfect for the busy breastfeeding mum!"


"There is so much i didn't know about my body nutrition needs after having a baby. When i found Optivance all the boxes were ticked to help with recovery.

These sachets are perfect for the busy breastfeeding mum! My partner couldn't help with breastfeeding but he helped by making me some mummy soomthies!

Also the added recipes online are a god send."

- Chrissy

"Really helped my milk supply"


"I’ve never really bought a smoothie mix like this before and I absolutely LOVE it!

I’ve just bought my third box and it has really helped my milk supply and I feel amazing. I really struggled with my milk supply with my first child and ive been getting 60mls just using my Hakka everyday. Highly recommend"

- Kylie

"It’s my get up an go!"


"Loving the Mummy Smoothie, I have it with fresh bananas and mix in some ground cinnamon and lots of ice and cold water which makes it into more of a thick shake.

Im totally on board with anything to boost my supply and this has helped me with that while making me feel more energised throughout the day! Would recommend this to anyone looking to rebalance their bodies after birth."

- Mandy C

"Helps with weight loos too"


"I just LOVE the Mummy Smoothie! It is such a great product for all Mums out there who need a little bit of a kick of energy and nutrients so important after giving birth. It is easy to use and gives you the the extra healthy mix that can be added to every smoothie (helps with weight loss too)."

- Martyna M.

"Really gives you that pick me up"


"Started drinking the Mummy Smoothie after having a micro premmie baby. I’ve been in hospital with him for 3 months so far. Things can get really stressful here and my diet as much as I try to eat healthy, it is just take away. Love that the Mummy Smoothie gives me a good load of the vitamins and minerals I need as well as probiotics, collagen and DHA. I’ve had to pump exclusively which is extremely hard to keep a good milk supply up. The Mummy Smoothie has truly given me the pick me up I need to survive in NICU and has been great for my milk supply as well!"

- Tracey

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