practical tips for your baby first foods

First foods. Is your little one ready?


After walking and talking, the introduction of solids must be one of the most obsessed about milestones in a baby’s life. It’s an exciting time however "earlier is definitely not always better" and despite our best wishes, the introduction of solids won't mean they'll “sleep through".
Like many new parents, if you've done your reading but still find yourself unsure when and how to begin this phase in your little one’s life, don't be surprised. The world of ‘baby’s first solids’ is changing however, Australian guidelines recommend the introduction of solids should not be considered until your baby is between four to six months of age. Solids should not be offered before this time because your baby’s digestive system and head control are unlikely to be mature enough for them to cope with this new experience.


Here are some practical tips to help you decide if the time is right for you and your baby to take that next step.
Ask yourself the following:
• Do they sit upright when supported with good control of head and neck?
• Have they progressed from sucking to biting?
• Do they show an interest in food when others are eating?
• Have they put things in their mouth?
• Can your baby move smooth food from the front of their tongue to the back, and swallow?
• Can they control their tongue and accept a spoon in their mouth?
If you answered yes to most of these questions, your baby is quite likely to be ready for solids and the craziness of meal times may be about to commence. Oh the joy.

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